Analyst Coverage

This section provides the analysts of investment companies and banks who clarify the activities of companies in the electrical energy industry including Rosseti PJSC and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Analyst Company
1 Igor Vasiliev Sberbank CIB
2 Mikhail Rasstrigin VTB Capital
3 Alexey Makarov VTB Capital
4 Alexander Kornilov ATON
5 Matvey Taits ОАО Gazprombank
6 Vladimir Sklyar RenaissanceCapital
7 Anastasiya Tikhonova RenaissanceCapital
8 Fedor Kornachev Raiffaisenbank
9 Igor Goncharov BCS
10 Dmitriy Markov IC LMS

Limitation of liability

The activity of Lenenergo PJSC can be clarified by analysts of investment companies and banks. The indicated analysts can suspend and resume the analyze of activity of Lenenergo PJSC . The indicated list of analysts is not complete and can be periodically reviewed by the Company.

Analysts’ expressed opinions, presumptions and assessments regarding the activity of Lenenergo PJSC can be different from the opinions and forecast of Lenenergo PJSC or the management board of the Company. Lenenergo PJSC is not responsible for comments and recommendations of analysts published in analytical reviews and mass media.